Welcome to Katsuhi

Katsuhi is a friendly space to share my knowledge about the use of technology. These writings may be useful for you, maybe you’re in an implementation stage and you have a lot of desire to keep learning. As well as other spaces on the internet, they were useful in helping me solve problems. I love that the information is shared and used in a good way.

This blog is sharing stuff that has caught my attention and also things I have learned. Some of them that have made battle and that I will be adding as an interesting and useful collection.

I also use katsuhi to write about some personal projects that I am doing with the purpose of contributing to the development of my country.

Now a little about me. My name is Edith Puclla, I am from AyacuchoPerú and I am basically passionate about learning and sharing knowledge related to technology, I love how the computer works, the growth of technology and playing with them. I am one of the people who think we should always dream and try and try to achieve it.